About pmtrack

This community is designed primarily to help those in product and program management career tracks - by joining, you know that you will be surrounded by individuals who have faced or are facing the same questions and challenges as you. This helps channel the conversation in productive ways, discussing various aspects of the track and knowing that the advice and guidance are relevant and/or coming from experience.

Our goal is not to help promote others’ blog posts or books - we are genuinely focusing on growing more well-rounded product and program managers, who are interesting in maximizing their impact and delivering better products. pmtrack is a community where we find ways to make better customer-oriented and data-driven decisions, as well as talk about career progressions, roadblocks and opportunities.

We strive to develop an inclusive and diverse community, accessible to anyone around the globe. We realize that often times, cost can be a major factor in accessing resources that help one grow, so access to the community will always be free. We also realize that growth can and should happen at any stage in your career. Whether you are fresh out of college, just starting to think about the PM career track or are a seasoned veteran, you are welcome to request an invite!

New members

You can request to join our community here. We will review your request and take an action within 24 hours!


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